Conservative Resources, 2006-2010

From 2006 to 2010, I maintained a keyword optimized website called, which provided information and insight into political ideologies from a conservative perspective. A screen capture of my old website appears below.

My old site,, 2006-2009

After 2010, I began to re-evaluate my life and priorities and to think more seriously about who I am and what makes me happy. I realized that politics was a major source of frustration and unhappiness in my life, so I stopped writing about it. On a personal level, I underwent an ideological change.

If you reached this page in search of the meaning of political terms such as “conservative” or “liberal,” my best suggestion is to study how these words are used, and how the speech and behaviour of those who use them differ (if at all). Don’t worry too much about dictionary definitions. As Wittgenstein said, “We are unable clearly to circumscribe the concepts we use; not because we don’t know their real definition, but because there is no real ‘definition’ to them.” Instead, start collecting examples of what self-described conservatives, or liberals, or socialists say, look for common patterns, and you’ll quickly learn how to use the words in a way that makes sense.

At one time, I provided a .pdf archive of all the essays that were on the site. I no longer do so because I feel the archive only furthers confusion. Stick to the procedure above and you won’t go too badly wrong.