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Meditations on Saying No

1. Yes and no are like secret passwords that open different doors. To say no is not necessarily to miss an opportunity. Close a door and another opens; open one and another closes. 2a. No is more difficult to say than yes because it requires… Read More

On the Feeling of Having Left the Oven On

Is everyone nagged by the feeling of having left the oven on, or the door unlocked, or the window open,¬†or do these worries bother mostly¬†those whose personalities predispose them to pessimism and self-doubt? If the latter, are those plagued by such trivial worries less fervent… Read More

Skeptical Jokes

Two Jews met in a railway carriage at a station in Galicia. ‘Where are you going?’ asked one. ‘To Cracow,’ was the reply. ‘What a liar you are!’ broke out the other. ‘If you say you’re going to Cracow, you want me to believe you’re… Read More

Life Without Erasers

“Taniyama was not a very careful person as a mathematician. He made a lot of mistakes, but he made mistakes in a good direction, and so eventually he got to right answers. And I tried to imitate him, but I found out that it is… Read More