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A Programmer Falls In Love

I’ll be your algorithm Clunky and jagged Rank sorting your desires And calibrating to your whims. I have spent so much of my life cold That the calculation is nothing. Passion is too poorly engineered Non-binary Neither off nor on But somewhere in-between. Cross the… Read More


I don’t know what to do here, at the end of our pretending, where your absence reveals you and makes you real at last. We were a language too threadbare for names too fragile for nouns; and once a language has broken down you cannot… Read More

Fake Love (Letter to a Metropolis)

I want to save myself from anger, To look in the mirror and not see you behind me, In me, silver eyes swollen with light. You’re so fake. You’re always screaming at me Through the television Through the interwebs Through the stereo turned down, and… Read More

Spring Quartet

1. Comfort: Not a song, but a siren. 2. The uncomfortable man leaps; the comfortable man falls. 3. It’s no use killing yourself if you really want to die. 4. Death is just an ugly word for change.