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Six Rules That Guide Me

I am always tinkering with my lifestyle in hopes of minimizing my mistakes, anxiety, distraction, and discontent. What follows is a personal code of sorts, a collection of others’ wisdom that I try (and often fail) to incorporate in my daily life. I’ve discovered that… Read More

Mistakes I’ve Made

“…he did seem to carry around a history of defeat, of troubles borne and lessons learned. He had an air too of gallant accommodation towards whatever choices had gone wrong or chances hadn’t panned out.” —Alice Munro, “Family Furnishings” Show me that man who will… Read More

In Praise of Ancient Faith

Asked if I “believe in God,” I rarely know what to reply. The question, “Do you believe in God?” is not quite so straightforward as it sounds. I’m perfectly comfortable being called an atheist, although that is not quite right. I’m quite amenable to, say, the… Read More

Wisdom from the Town of Cats and Beyond

If you were to summarize your Weltanschauung in a collection of quotes or aphorisms—say, less than ten—which would you choose? Here is an approximation of how I feel about the world: Murakami: “If you can’t understand it without an explanation, you can’t understand it with an explanation.”… Read More


In 1865, Marx answered several questions posed to him by his daughters as part of a parlour game. Here is Marx’s “Confession.” For fun, here is my own: Your favourite virtue: Creativity. Your favourite virtue in a man: Wit. Your favourite virtue in a woman: Imagination.… Read More