In 1865, Marx answered several questions posed to him by his daughters as part of a parlour game. Here is Marx’s “Confession.” For fun, here is my own:

Your favourite virtue: Creativity.
Your favourite virtue in a man: Wit.
Your favourite virtue in a woman: Imagination.
Your chief characteristic: Ambivalence.
Your idea of happiness: Friendship.
Your idea of misery: Chaos.
The vice you excuse most: Akrasia (i.e. weakness of will).
The vice you detest most: Arrogance.
Your aversion: Know-it-alls.
Favourite occupation: Walking.
Favourite poet: Milton.
Favourite prose writer: Austen.
Favourite hero: Wittgenstein.
Favourite heroine: Clara Immerwahr.
Favourite flower: Cherry blossom.
Favourite colour: Green.
Favourite name: Ailish.
Favourite dish: Pizza.
Favourite maxim: “Everything changes, nothing perishes.” (Ovid)
Favourite motto: “Nothing in excess.” (Inscription at Delphi)